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Streamlined Food Delivery E-commerce Solution for Keatz

Client Name: Keatz

Industry: Takeaway Food Delivery

Duration: 1 month

Project Description

Keatz, a prominent player in the takeaway food delivery industry, approached our team with a vision to expand into new markets. Building on our successful collaboration on previous Shopify projects, Keatz entrusted us with the task of creating a bespoke Shopify template tailored to their specific needs.

Our experienced Shopify developers embarked on a mission to craft an exceptional Shopify template that could facilitate online food orders, complete with upselling and customizable addons. Think of it as delivering the convenience of platforms like Deliveroo, all within the framework of a Shopify template.

Challenges Faced:

One of the primary challenges was developing a highly intricate Shopify template capable of handling the complexities of food ordering and delivery. We needed to create a seamless user experience while integrating upselling and addon features.

Solutions Implemented:

Our team meticulously designed and developed a custom Shopify template that exceeded Keatz's expectations. This template enabled users to place food orders effortlessly, with a user-friendly interface that encouraged upsells and offered customizable addons.

Project Goals:

Develop a custom Shopify template for food ordering.

Enhance user experience and encourage upselling.

Facilitate expansion into new markets.

Technologies Used:





E-commerce expertise

Front-end development

UX/UI design

Key Achievements:

Successful creation of a highly customized Shopify template for food delivery.

Seamless integration of upsell and addon features.

Expansion into new markets with a scalable e-commerce solution.

Increased online food orders by 158% within 3 months.

Boosted revenue by 150% due to upselling features.

Streamlined food delivery operations, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

The dynamic shopping cart feature that allows users to customize orders easily.

A responsive design that ensures an optimal user experience across devices.

Integration of third-party APIs for payment processing and delivery tracking.

This case study showcases our ability to deliver innovative e-commerce solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients, ultimately driving growth and success in their respective industries.


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